March 2018

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Research data TUI UK and Ireland 29-12-2017 to 03-01-2018

TUI Care Foundation factsheet March 2018

  • Nearly 50% of UK holidaymakers say ‘giving back’ to a holiday destination is important to them.
  • Even more UK holidaymakers agree travel companies’ commitment to support local communities impacts their booking decisions.
  • Notion of ‘responsible tourism’ becomes part of mainstream holidaymaking rather than a ‘nice to have’ or niche travel concept.
  • The issues most likely to attract support from British tourists are hunger and food safety (27%), animal welfare (26%), cultural heritage conservation (22%), education and lifelong learning opportunities (18%).

6 March 2018.  TUI UK & Ireland commissioned the research company Opinion Matters to survey opinions of UK holidaymakers on the importance of responsible tourism earlier this year. Part of ongoing data gathering to understand customer attitudes, it shows just how important it is for British tourists to give back to local communities. And further indicates that social and environmental awareness is not just ‘on-trend’ but is fast becoming a cornerstone of mass tourism.

The research1 reveals the extent to which engagement with local culture and people can enhance holidays and help create unforgettable memories. The following key areas of enrichment were highlighted in the survey results:

  • 62% of UK holidaymakers agree it makes them feel better when they know their holiday was organised with respect to nature and the local community.
  • Indulging in delicious food (55%) and sampling local cuisine (82%).
  • Visiting local markets and neighbourhoods (48%) and shopping for souvenirs (68%).
  • Taking a tour with a local guide (50%).

Leading academic Xavier Font, Professor of Sustainability Marketing, University of Surrey, UK, who helped develop the study, commented “It’s great news that British holidaymakers are increasingly more concerned about the welfare of the places they visit. On an individual level, the notion of ‘giving back’ is becoming the norm and people want to engage with local cultures on holiday. There’s also a very clear message for the travel industry with the majority of TUI customers expecting the companies they book with to demonstrate care and responsibility towards the destinations they operate in to show how they ‘give back’ too.”

 Jeremy Ellis, Director of Marketing and Customer Experience at TUI UK & Ireland is also a Member of the Board of Trustees of independent charity, the TUI Care Foundation, whose work is supported by the study.   He comments: The research confirms that travellers value the type of activities we support. We find and fund projects that align tourism with the most important social and environmental needs of holiday locations and tackle the concerns closest to UK tourists’ hearts. Our latest initiatives are opening up youth employment opportunities for disadvantaged youngsters in Morocco and The Dominican Republic, protecting endangered loggerhead turtles in Cape Verde and supporting farmers in Crete.”

The Foundation works with local and international partners on a wide range of activities from protecting the natural environment to waste management and cultural conservation schemes. In 2017, TUI Group raised 7.3 million Euros to support good causes and enhance the positive impacts of tourism, using the TUI Care Foundation to support this work. So far the Foundation has supported over 30 projects in more than 25 destinations worldwide. New projects and partnerships are in the pipeline that will further expand the scope and reach of its work with communities in both emerging and established destinations in coming years.


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